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Electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (electrosmog) are man-made, invisible and odourless and everywhere. They influence our lives, our health and our quality of life.


We need electricity, we use electricity and we profit from electricity. We need light, heating, cooking, transportation and machinery. We need communication, radio and television, phones and radars.


The more we have the more we want. We want faster and faster transportation of data. We don’t accept areas without connectivity and internet. Self-driving transportation, Covid-19 Apps,tracing apps, streaming, smart homes and smart traffic are only some of our demands. In order to reach our demands we have to turn the world into one big hot-spot.

We are all influenced by electrosmog.

Our health and psyche are suffering. Most people react but do not relate it to electrosmog. There is however a fast growing part of the population who are suffering – they are electrosensitive.


Before spending money on shielding measurements you have to check your flat/house.

Your sleeping area first. You need good sleep. Are there cables in your walls? Are there Wi-Fi routers or cordless phones in your bedroom / flat or house? Do your neighbours use Wi-Fi or cordless phones? Check your inner walls, floors and ceilings. Look for the hotspot in your room.

Next step is to find out which amount of radiation is coming through your window and through your outer walls. You can find a list of EMF sources on our homepage.


We are specialized in equipment detecting and measuring of electrosmog

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